Sorry there have been no postings to date.  We ran into some bad weather at the beginning of the week which has put us behind, and we have been catching up since!  A quick update and I'll try and do more overnight tonight.


I arrived onsite on Friday morning, having been picked up by Stuart Hendry from Habitat South Africa from the airport and taken straight there.  Nothing like hitting the ground running!  We drove around the township and immediately the sense of extreme poverty hit me.  People scratching out a living, the street vendors selling food, and so many shacks.


There are changes.  There were very few children playing in the streets, as most of them are now at school.  The Government has been putting more and more resources into education, and the changes are starting to notice.  We checked the sites over for health & safety (razorwire, deadly electrics) to make sure the volunteers would be OK and enjoy thier build.  We made a plan!


The coach leaves in 20 mins and I haven't had breakfast yet, so I'll post a day one photo and finish later.


We had the walls up to 8 courses high on Tuesday, 12 last night and we're ready to put the roof on, I'll catch up with the blog soon!!




Llangha and Sibongile get the iron profiles in place while Ben poses around in his shorts.


Sabbie, Rachel and Gemma shelter from the rain under the scaffold.


Ian and Llangha sheltering ...after about 20 mins we were back building, and that was the last we saw of the rain!