Day Four and roof day! My favorite day, the day it all starts to come together!

I spent some time making deliveries to the houses yesterday, and happened across the legendary ‘Scots House.’  These 10 guys had all come down together as a group from a tiny Church, on the basis that "their mate Steve was going, and it sounded like it was going to be fun to let him go alone."  These guys ate girders for breakfast, worked flat out every day, and partied most evenings, and the sight of one of these guys giving wheelbarrow rides to four of the local children at a time (while another dozen waited excitedly) just brought home to me the kind of experience they were having.  You have to do something like this once in your life.  The trusses were delivered and we started putting them up on the roofs.  These all have to be secured in place before the end of the day, strengthened, overlaid with a plastic membrane, battened down and weighted down with tiles.  It’s a heavy day with a fair amount of lifting for those more able bodied.  A truck arrives and seven community builders glaze the whole house in about 20 minutes!!